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What Would You Like to Know About Concrete in Your Home?


Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is concrete?

Every Project differs in cost, Most of our concrete is comparable to high end surface finishes , We hand craft each top from scratch, each tops contains unique variations that our craftsmen take extreme care and detail to crafting to ensure the highest quality and adherence to customer satisfaction. Our tops take time to craft and that's reflected in our costs. We will always do our best to work within our customers budget.


Will my concrete Stain?


The short answer is yes, if spills and messes are not cleaned up quickly our tops do have the ability to patina. Concrete is a very porous surface and if messes and spills are not tended to quickly the liquids from those messes can seep into the surface and can be very difficult to remove. We utilize the most advanced sealers on the market today and have an evolving understanding of pleasing our clients and managing their expectations.


Can I prepare food on my concrete countertop?


Yes, all of our sealers and products are considered food safe, that being said cutting on a concrete surface is not recommended. Concrete is a very dense product, and will dull your knives if you cut on them.  We offer a full line of integral cutting board styles to help with your meal prep. Ask one of our specialists about our integrated cutting boards.



Can I place hot pots or pans on my concrete counter?

Placing hot pans directly on the surface is not recommended, we offer integrated trivets for this exact application. Most of our sealers can handle the heat of a hot pan but it is still not recommended.

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